Friday, November 12, 2010

Student Blog Challenge!

Share your blogging experience and win BIG!

All of you have done an amazing job so far with your blogs and now you have a chance to win something no other student of mine has had the chance to win... a real "badge of honor."  

This is a contest run by "The Edublogger"   Sue Waters, and will have many students entering from around the world.  This can benefit you in so many ways.  If you win, you earn a badge and some great additional honors.  If you do not win,  you still have the chance to gain followers on your blog from around the world!  How awesome is that!

When you go onto the website you will have to read the directions on how to enter AND what you will have to blog about.  In the end however all you have to do is blog about one of the topics they list on the site.  Once you blog, you simply add your blog as an entry by making a comment in the comment section.  So easy! So fun! So AWESOME!

I am so excited to see all the great things all of you will come up with... Below are some screen shots to help you find what you need to look for on the site.  Take a look at them before "Wandering" around "The Edublogger" website.  Have fun!

Screen Shot One/Step One: 

Find the "How to Enter" section and read what it says there. (Since we were not a part of the "Blogger Challenge for September" I recommend you choose topics 1, 2, or 5)

Screen Shot Two/Step Two:

Once you write your post follow the directions found under the "Once you have written your post" section. (Don't forget to follow the "example" at the end of this section in YOUR post) REMEMBER... Your Entry must be posted on YOUR blog and then entered in the comment section HERE.  Follow directions and you will do great.

Screen Shot Three/Step Three:

Lastly, you must read the "What you could win" section to see what you could win.  I think the coolest prize is the badge that will be placed on your blog.  If you earn that badge then you can honestly say you are one of the best "Student Bloggers" in the WORLD!  WOW!  (The badge that will be displayed on your blog is pictured below)

"The Badge" 

(This is a picture of what could be awarded to you!)

Good Luck Students!  If you have any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment in the comment section here!

To enter the contest and see the rules click HERE


Sue Waters said...

Thanks for sharing my post with your students and encouraging them to enter. I'm looking forward to reading all the student posts.

And oops, sorry for the confusion over the winner's badges. It won't be that badge as that is the badge from the Student blogging competiton badge but it definitely will be a cool winners badge!

Thanks Again,
Sue Waters

Mr. Poole said...

No problem!

Thank you for putting together the contest. I am sure the badge that is possible to win will be great! I am looking forward to seeing the student blogs as well! I hope you have a great weekend, and thanks again for putting it all together.

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