Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Have you ever wanted to email someone and really get the point across?  Sometimes the only way for someone to see what you mean is for them to actually "SEE" what you are talking about!  Now you can!

With this website you now have the opportunity to send a "video email" if you have a question or comment!  It is easy and fun.  For the weekend wanderer (since we are off school) I figured why not give you a tool that could be fun.

I would recommend when using this site to click on the "Self Destruct" option when sending.  This way, the video can only be viewed once and then it will delete itself.  You can also decide how long you want the video to be viewable.  Make sure you only use this site to send email videos to family or a teacher for a question.  Be very careful with it and make sure you are responsible with how you use it.  Have fun...

Some screen shots of the site:

Click Here to try it out VIDEO MAIL

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