Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time to Build Your Vocabulary!

Have you ever wanted to say something but just didn't know the word?  Have you ever wanted to add more detail but couldn't think of a word to assist you?  Now, that word can not only be found but also learned and understood!

Screen Shot One

Many of us use vocabulary that is still elementary and basic.  It is now time to build our vocabulary and attempt to use the new words we learn in our writing and our everyday conversations!

This site will allow you to browse hundreds of words and learn them at your own pace.  It has many different features that will help along the way as well.  You can create flash cards, lists, quizzes, and even create your own vocabulary video to put onto the site itself!  

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Have fun "Wandering" around the site.  I look forward to seeing some new words being used in your blog posts!!!

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To Visit the site click HERE